10 Places in NORTH CAROLINA You Should NEVER Move To


Move to these places and you’re gonna regret it big time!

Quick! Name the fastest growing states in the country. Florida, Texas, Colorado, yes yes yes. But would you guess North Carolina? It’s true. Due to a moderate climate, relatively low cost of living and TONS of jobs in many areas, this state is boomin, fella.

Lots of people are thinking about moving here, or already have moved here. If you’re one of them, places like the Raleigh metro area, and Charlotte, and along the coast are great picks. Although jobs near the coast are very limited. But there are lots of places in this state where you SHOULD NOT move. That’s what we’re gonna talk about today.

It’s a great state, but North Carolina has some issues, that’s for sure. The old North state has poverty, crime and drugs just like anywhere in this country. Most of this state’s trouble areas share similar things – shootings, welfare, ghetto tracts, and not a lot of opportunities for young families to get started. Nor are they places that you should retire. We’re going to take a look at ten such places. Let’s begin.

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