10 Storage Ideas for Bedrooms Without Closet


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10. Get a Clothes Rack
An open clothes rack offers storage idea that doesn’t only fit a compact room. It also helps decide what to wear as you can easily glance at it, and you would soon know what you’re going to wear.

9. Use a Branch
This might be the simplest storage for the bedroom. As seen here, it just requires a single branch and some ropes or chains to hang it on the ceiling.

8. Opt for Loft Bed
If space is very important to you, then consider having a loft bed. This room gives you some more space by creating a loft bed.

7. Hang Your Shoes
Shoe racks are common with square or rectangular shapes that can hold many pairs of shoes. If you feel like creating an alternative for a shoe rack, you may want to take a look at these notions.

6. Ottoman Storage Bed
A bed typically comes in a large size, which consumes so much space for the bed alone. It becomes an issue as you might want to add some chairs or ottomans in the bedroom.

5. DIY Trellis Clothes Rack
Trellis clothes rack is easy to make as it doesn’t require difficult steps to follow, and it’ll be finished in such a short time. It can be an alternative for a clothes rack as a substitute for a closet.

4. Tap the Headboard
The headboard is a part of the bed that is very useful for storage. Some people prefer to have a headboard that can be the focal point in the room.

3. Install Floating Shelves
Floating shelves are quite popular among DIYers. They can be used to fill empty space on the wall and pretty much add a sense of interest.

2. Declutter and Sort Things Out
Clothes are worn every day, it means there should be a pile of clothes somewhere in the house at the end of the day. It takes up some space in the closet in particular.

1. Keep Being Organized with Transparent Plastic or Mesh
Sometimes, finding things in a box can be quite problematic. This is because you don’t know where to find them.

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