3 Hindu Cremation Help from Carl Marlow Go As You Please Ltd


After my sons’s bad cremation 2 people came into my life a highly spiritual Guru Baba Devinder Ghai and a peoples champion of funeral Carl Marlow. They work within 2 miles of me and each other. This is Synchronicity!!
Go As You Please is founded on a simple idea. That a funeral is for an individual. Our philosophy is to enable family and friends to say goodbye to loved-one in a manner that they feel is most appropriate.
We also think it should be an occasion that can be comfortably afforded.
When a loved-one passes away, it’s natural to want to give them a lavish funeral as a mark of respect. Because of this, it can be often be tempting to spend a substantial amount of money. Perhaps more than a family or an individual can readily afford.
That’s why it’s important to us to offer simple, tasteful and memorable funerals. Choosing a sensibly priced funeral does not show lack of love or respect for a loved-one. However much or however little is spent on a funeral , it cannot increase or diminish the feelings a family and friends feel for the loved-one.
We can offer a range of options. They are all aimed at being as affordable as possible, while still maintaining a sense of occasion and dignity.
For a sensibly priced funeral that is genuinely fitting for your loved-one, please come in and talk to us. Whatever you want we can help.Our aim is for an individual to organise everything before they go. This takes the pressure off family and friends and helps with bereavement process as the individual wishes are being carried out. Dr Anand anandjee



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