5 Best Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings are great for providing shade on patios, deck or balcony where you can peacefully relax without getting scorched by the hot sun. They can also installed above doors or windows to keep a home cool and protect furnishings and floors from fading as a result of UV radiations.

Unlike fixed awning, a retractable awning are highly fashioned and gives you the option to close it up when not in use or during heavy winds and storms. To get maximum comfort and protection you need a well engineered retractable awning with quality fabric, versatile and sturdy.

1. ADVANING Classic Series

This is a state of the art awning from ADVANING for keeping your home cool. The model has a pure acrylic fabric that is durable and fade resistance. The canopy is made of highly breathable fabric for maximum cooling. This makes it great for areas with high humidity and hot sun.

The awning comes with user friendly features that include easy installation and easily adjustment of the slope of the canopy to get a shade depending on the time of the day.

Durability and sturdiness is a very important factor in awnings. This has not been taken care of by the aluminum and steel combo frame that is tough and resistant to against rust and corrosion. This guarantees confidence of using this retractable awning in any kind of weather for many years to come.

ADVANING offers a whopping 5 year manufacturer warranty that covers any damages or malfunctioning of the product. This is in addition to lifetime tech-support to their customers.

ADVANING Classic Series comes in varieties of colors and sizes which gives you an option to make an ideal choice.


  • Wide variety of sizes to choose from
  • Manual or automatic models available
  • Adjustable depending on direction of the sun
  • Uses high end durable hardware
  • Excellent customer care services


  • Not a budget product
  • Acrylic fibers can pill with age
  • Sagging middle canopy in large models

2. Diensweek Retractable Patio Awning

For residential or commercial use, this is one of the strongest and durable awnings on the market. It is built with a corrosion resistant T5 grade aluminum frame and arm. This is among the strongest grades of aluminum for residential outdoor use. This has made it to perform best in winds.

Beyond the frame, this retractable awning is made from a high quality polyester coated in polyurethane for water resistance. It also stands well against fading, winds and other weather elements such as mold and mildew.

Installation of this model is simple, easy and fast as everything comes pre-assembled. You do not need electricity to operate this awning. It is opened and closed manually by a hand crank that is easy to adjust.

This awning comes in the following colors, Beige, Green & White Stripes and Navy. That means you can go for what matches your business or home.


  • Available in different sizes and styles
  • Canopy is both water and UV resistant
  • Best for winds and tough weather
  • T5 grade aluminum is strong and durable


  • The canopy may sag when wet
  • May not be suitable for humid areas

3- Sunjoy Marquise Rectractable Awning

A stylish and beautiful awning for your doors, windows, patio or deck. Sunjoy is a budget friendly electric retractable awning featuring a semi-cassette that ensures the motor and other electrical components are protected from elements and other potential damages.

The awning includes a sturdy frame made from a combination of steel and aluminum. The fame is further coated with powder to prevent it from rust and corrosion.

Although electrical, the awning can be operated manually when there is no power or when the motor malfunctions.


  • Steel and aluminum guarantees durability
  • Can be extended or retracted manually
  • Beautifully crafted to blend with any decor
  • Features a semi-cassette for motor protection


  • Does not come in varieties
  • There are concerns about remote not working well

4. Best Choice Retractable Patio Sun Shade Awning

This is one of the best budget retractable awning on the market. Made with quality materials, you are sure of many seasons of service. Unlike other expensive awnings, you can get this under $200.

This outdoor patio awning is made of strong, UV- and water-resistant polyester that makes it score well in the elements. This is in a combination of a rust-resistant, powder-coated aluminum frame that is also lightweight.

Installation of this model is also simple and fast as everything comes pre-assembled. The easy crank handle together with the built-in reel makes it effortless to extend and retract the shade.


  • Canopy is both UV and water-resistant
  • Has a powder-coated rust resistant frame
  • Less expensive retractable awning
  • Lightweight and easy to install and operate


  • Comes in a single type of color and size
  • The canopy may sag in the middle

5. Outsunny Manual Retractable Sun Shade Patio Awning

This is a budget retractable awning featuring a hand crank for closing and opening the awning. You can use it outdoor on your patio to have a cool place protected from the UV rays. It is also a perfect placement for above doors and windows to secure your home from elements.

The covers is beautifully made with a polyester fabric that is PU coated to make it hold well in both sun and rain. The colored fabric does not fade even in the blaring heat of summer.

To ensure durability and sturdiness in winds, the frame is made with a combination of thick steel and aluminum that guarantees firm support.


  • Less expensive awning
  • Has s strong canopy made of quality polyester
  • Aluminum and steel frame for firmness
  • PU treated canopy for UV protection and waterproofing
  • Offers adjustable protection


  • Available in a single size
  • Cumbersome to install

How to choose the Best Retractable Awning – Buying Guide

Knowing about the best retractable awnings for patio or deck is an important step but knowing how to choose the best is everything. Below is a buying guide talking about the factors to consider when choosing a retractable awning.

1. Retracting mechanism

Retractable awnings are operated either manually by yourself using a hand crank or automatically using a motorized system. Both types of retracting mechanism comes with their own advantages and shortcomings that you should understand.

Manual retractable awnings are the basic and most common types you will find in many homes and businesses. They are less expensive to install and maintain. The only problem is the amount of energy required and time taken to crank when extending or retracting them. Elderly and people with disabilities may find them inconvenient to use.

Electrical or motorized retractable awnings on the other hand are highly convenient to operate. You simply press a button on the remote or a switch on the wall and the whole work is done. Installing and operating a motorized awning is expensive as compared to manual models.

2. Type of material used

The type or nature of material used on the canopy or frame determines how strong, sturdy and durable the awning is. For canopies common materials used include polyester, canvas, PVC and acrylic fibers. For frames, aluminum and steel are the best materials.

Polyester is the most versatile and durable material for a canopy. The material is sometimes treated with a coat of polyurethane to make it stand well in sun and rain. In terms of cost, polyester is the least expensive material used in making canopies.

Canvas is also a strong durable material for a canopy. However, being a natural fiber, canvas is prone to suffer from weather elements. Untreated canvas will hold water, grow mold and mildew and eventually decompose. During scorching sun, canvas will also deteriorate as a result of UV rays exposure.

PVC is another material for making canopies due to its flexibility and waterproof qualities but considered least durable. Polyvinyl chloride is a type of plastic that cannot do well in elements. When exposed for long, PVC will start ripping or tearing apart.

Acrylic is one of the most UV-resistant materials that are woven into fabrics and commonly used in clothing. While acrylic typically is used as a protective coverings applied to another base material, the fiber are also used in making canopies which works well in most types of weather.

Aluminum is also a potential but least material used for canopies due to its least flexibility. Being durable, strong and weather resistant, some industries are trying to use it for canopies. Aluminum combined with steel forms one of the strongest and durable combo suitable for retractable awning frames.

3. Product durability

Durability is an important factor in choosing any product on the market. Usually determined by the type of material used a good retractable awning should last over 30 years. Elements such as UV, rust, mold and mildew are usually the reason for premature wear and tear.

A strong and sturdy awning should also stand well in winds and light rain. This ability is usually determined by the type of material used for frame and arms. Powder coating or using rust resistant material such as aluminum also helps in protecting against rust which usually weakens metallic structures.

Canopy is the most affected by UV, mold and mildew. Poor canopy materials will lead to fading, deteriorating, sagging and eventually tearing apart. PU coated polyester, acrylic fibers and treated canvas weathers well and best for humid, rainy or sunny regions.

Windy areas require an awning with sturdy frame mechanism with good attachments to the canopy. A combination of steel and aluminum is usually the best for such scenarios. In heavy rains or speeding winds, retracting your awning will be the best option to protect it against damaging even with the best canopy and frame materials.

4. Awning design

Retractable awnings come in various sizes and colors but limited designs. That means, when choosing one, consider your outdoor décor first so that you select a good color that matches with your property. It is also worth noting that some brands only come in one or two colors or sizes and this gives you limited options for choice.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Q: What is an awning?

A: An awning is an overhang to the exterior of a home or a building designed to provide shade or shelter. It is attached to the side, above doors or windows.

Q: Do retractable patio awnings protect you from the rain?

A: No, you should retract your awning up if it is raining to avoid it getting damaged by winds. Awnings are primarily designed to offer protection from sun although some can shelter against light rain.

Q: How long do retractable patio awnings last?

A: Retractable awning with a good frame could last for 20-30 years. You will probably need to replace the canopy more frequently if the fabric is not strong.

Q: How much does it cost to install an awning?

A: While different installers will offer different pricing options, but you should expect to spend between $200 and $800 to have a retractable awning installed perfectly.

Q: How much do retractable patio awnings cost?

A: The cost of a retractable awning will vary significantly depending on their mechanism. Manual options cost between $100 and $600. If you are looking for a motorized awning, be prepared to spend over $1,000.

Q: How does a retractable awning work?

A: Retractable awning can be pulled out to provide shade, or rolled back in for times when you don’t want the cover of the awning. They are the best option as compared to permanent awnings.

Q: How does a manual retractable awning work?

A: Manual retractable awnings can be retracted or extended using a crank. You will manually use your hand to move crank in one direction to pull the awning in, and turn it in the opposite direction to retract it back up.

Q: How does a motorized retractable awning work?

A: Motorized retractable awnings are controlled using a motor. There is no muscle or physical effort required to open up or close these awnings. You will simply press a button on the remote control or on the wall when you want it opened or closed.

Advanced motorized retractable awning may also have sensors that can identify and respond to different elements. It could automatically detect strong sun and open to provide cover or sense strong winds or rain and close to prevent it from becoming damaged.

Q: Should I get a motorized or manual retractable awning?

A: This decision is really up to you having looked at your budget and convenience. There are also some pros and cons for both manual and motorized retractable awnings that you’ll want to understand before making a decision.

While manual awnings will cost you less compared to a motorized awning, they are a little more physically involving to open and close. Rather than simply pressing a button, you’ll have to manually turn the crank until the awning is fully opened or closed.

Motorized awnings are effortless to operate; you only press a button to get them open or close. However, they cost more expensive than a manual awning and may be costly to repair if something get damaged or malfunctions.

Q: Can retractable awnings withstand strong winds?

A: No, retractable awnings are designed to provide shade. They should not be left up in heavy winds or thunderstorms as it could damage, or even destroy, the awning.

Q: Should you remove a retractable awning to store it inside for the winter?

A: Absolutely not, most retractable awnings are designed to be left up over the winter. Simply leave the awning closed up to prevent it from getting damaged by the elements. There are also awning covers you can purchase to help in securing the product.

Q: If the power goes out, will I be able to close a motorized retractable awning?

A: Yes, you should be able to close your motorized awning in the event the power goes out. Most of this type are designed with a manual override to allow you to close it manually when power goes off or a motor malfunctions.


After purchasing your best retractable awning, you can count on the experts to do a perfect installation.

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