8 Roofing Nightmares: How not to hire a roofer


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8 Roofing Nightmares: how not to hire a roofer
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1. Cheapest bid nightmares. BBB alone Reports 14 complaints a day for roofers. 80% are from cheapest bids. 30% Never get resolved (4 per day in 2020 are still not resolved)
2. ” Running away with your check” Nightmare.
3. “Leaky roof” nightmare.
4. “Job takes forever” nightmare.
5. “Clean up disaster”. Will they clean? If you have kids, dogs or cars: watch out for this one.
6. “Not following manufacturer specifications” disasters.
7. False sense of security with permits and city inspections. Your city inspector should be called “record keeper” not inspector.
8. “Someone get hurt on your job Nightmare” (Double nightmare if not insured).

00:00 Intro
01:17 Cheapest bid nightmare
03:03 Runaway nightmare
03:59 Leaky roof nightmare
05:12 Job takes forever nightmare
06:36 Cleanup disaster nightmare
08:19 Not following specs nightmare
09:41 Sense of security nightmare
11:32 Job injury or death nightmare

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