ARS Roofing FAQ #3: My roof leaks. Do I need to replace my roof completely?


Hello everyone and welcome to our 3rd ARS Roofing FAQ video. Today’s question is: My roof leaks. Do I need to replace my roof completely?

Well, not necessarily. However, it is advisable to get your roof evaluated by a professional Tampa roofer. A comprehensive roof evaluation will determine whether you need a complete roof replacement or just repairs. The age of the roof can have a significant impact on your decision to repair vs. replace. Once an old roof starts leaking, you may find yourself spending a lot of money fixing it, when it could be better spent on a new roof. A licensed professional roofer will ensure any needed repairs are completed quickly and properly.

Apart from drips, you should pay attention to other signs of roof leaks, such as:

Water spots on interior walls and ceilings
Buckling or curling roof shingles
Exterior wall growths
Drips, and
Wet or rusty pipes

If you see any signs of roof leaks, please call us at (813) 542 8462 so we can send our professional roofers and conduct a thorough evaluation.



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