Best Camping And Overlanding Storage Boxes For 2021


Today we dive deep into the Camping and Overlanding storage boxes that I’ve purchased over the last year to better help people who are in the beginning stages of their overland build decide what and how to carry their gear as they set out on their overland journey. When it comes to making a choice on which Overlanding storage box to choose, the possibilities seem to be endless. What we want to do is go over the 4 best Camping and Overlanding storage boxes that we have come across so far and try to dissect what works best for everyone’s specific situation. Most people have heard of Roam Adventure Co. and their boxes, but what I want to know is what makes them most expensive and how do they truly compare to the Front Runner Wolf Pack boxes and even the cheap plastic totes you can get for less than $30 on Amazon? In this video, we go over each option and try to help those who have the same questions get the answers they’re looking for before making a purchase on an item they’ve never had in their hands.

Links to Storage Boxes:
Front Runner Boxes –
Roam Adventure CO. –
Plano Storage Trunk –
Steralite Industrial Grade Tote –



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