Best Roofing Shoes – Roofing Shoe Review 2021


Are you a homeowner, roofer, or roofing contractor trying to figure out what the best shoes for roofing are? Well, we have all of you covered with our #roofingshoereview ! Knowing what the best #roofingshoes to climb up on your asphalt shingle roof is important because it’s very risky! Also, if you’re new to the roofing industry, the shoe you choose can be the difference between your being safe and a trip to the hospital. If you’re a homeowner, most likely you have a safe pair of shoes in your house that you can use for your project. #roofingboots.

Here are my recommendations for the best Skater Shoes that will work almost just as good as an expensive pair of Cougar Paws. Please think about this before you go climbing up on a roof!

Van Skater Shoes –
Nike Skater Shoes –
Reebok Cross Trainer –

This is my go to ladder for around the house or for roofing contractors/ salesmen:

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