calling the funeral home for a discount


This video was somehow inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2.

Steve’s dad has died after a long battle with every illness. Every single one. What a funny premise for a video.

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Gabriel Perez: Writer/Director/Steve/Funeral Director
Hung Nguyen: Uncle Mikey

Background image of coffins licensed from Adobe because I forgot to cancel my free trial subscription so I might as well use those high quality backgrounds.

Sounds are fair use but here’s where I found them:

Ring ring is a telephone:
Don’t damage the wall with that door slam:

What a high five:

“Now I’m Off Again”
Written and Performed by Albinoserpent
Courtesy of The Final Bistro Records


The knowledge of our own deaths inspires something different in each of us. To many it is the fear we will be forgotten, lost to the sands of time with none to remember our legacy. When Mr. Steve’s Dad was diagnosed with literally every illness, more than anything, this is what he felt. Stricken with the pain and understanding of his body’s rapid deterioration, he finally understood there was more to life than his 3 favorite things, which consisted of his motorcycle, the band Whitesnake, and his son, in that order.

This knowledge, this feeling, inspired Mr. Steve’s Dad. Over the course of his illness up until his impending demise, he spent every moment making the most of his life, which to him, meant making the most of his death. Arrangements were made with the Bereaver Family Morgue and Funeral Home where he selected the raddest of coffin options, but he knew there would be something missing from the service: attendants. What was the point of a friggin sweet coffin if there were none other than Mr. Steve’s Dad’s son, Steve, there to see it? There was only one thing to do.

Mr. Steve’s Dad took the second half of the deposit to the funeral home and used it to bribe every person he saw on the street into coming to his funeral. He didn’t care if they were people he once hated, all that mattered was that someone was there to care about his death. He felt he had wasted so many years not paying people to pretend to care about him. It filled him with a lightness and warmth that, even in his last days, when things were really bad, eased him into the afterlife.

During these escapades, Steve held his constant worry over how he would pay the Bereaver Family Morgue and Funeral Home the second half of their deposit. It was more important to him that his Mr. Steve’s Dad was settled and possibly even happy in his final days. Now he needs to call the funeral home to try to get a discount. But he doesn’t know about Uncle Mikey.



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