Change The Old Poly B Plumbing Pipes In Your Mobile Home To PEX : E052 / BC Renovation Magazine


In this video we change out the 28 year old polybutylene (AKA Poly B) plumbing supply pipes in our mobile home project and replace it with modern PEX piping. We go into detail how to do this easily, without crawling around underneath the home, and we show you how you can save a LOT of money doing it yourself.

Poly B piping has become an insurance liability. Some insurance companies will not provide coverage for a home that has it, or if they will the homeowner pays a substantial upcharge on the premium.

This is an easy upgrade that adds a lot of value to your home.

Follow along with on this single wide mobile home restoration / renovation. We are rebuilding this home inside out, top to bottom, to better than new condition. We show you many design ideas and ways to get the job done affordably.

Playlist for this project:

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