Cremated Remains Scattering over Long Beach


This is our latest video we made for a client of a cremated remains scattering we performed over Long Beach, California. For more information about who we are and what services we offer visit our website or call us at (800) 407-6401. A Journey With Wings scatters cremated remains by airplane.
We release ashes over State Parks, National Parks, Conservancies and at Sea. Our airplane ash release services can be performed un-witnessed, witnessed from the ground or you can be on board the plane in our private scattering service. We are based at the Fullerton Airport in Orange County, CA. We service Southern California and the Southwest US. We are a great funeral option with cremation.
In this video, we are releasing the cremated remains over the Santa Ana Mountains in Orange County. For more information about our cremated remains scattering locations visit our locations page: We are a great funeral option with cremation in general. Families can gather at a park or a trail head near the scattering location and watch as the plane releases the cremated remains. Families can also arrive in separate cars stand as far apart as they feel comfortable and still feel they are together watching the ashes being released.
The video of the ash release ceremony has been a great option for families during the Corona Virus pandemic, as the video is given to you as digital link. The link can be shared with friends and family, or downloaded directly to your desktop or laptop or other device. Our video service is $150 and is included in our Witnessed and Private Scattering Services. The family chooses the music for the video, as well as a still photo of the deceased to be inserted into the video if they wish.
Our Witnessed cremated remains scattering service is scheduled at a specific day and time that allows families to be present on the ground during the release, which makes a great memorial with cremation services. The Private ash release ceremony is done with only your loved one’s cremated remains on board the airplane. Because of this privacy we can have family members on board with us who want to participate in the cremated remains scattering. Participants are not passengers, but rather people helping with the scattering, just like a crew member.
Our scattering at sea ceremony makes for a great Burial at Sea alternative. We can scattering along most of the coastline in CA without needing to be on a boat. It is easy to return to the location to remember your loved one. It takes less time to scatter cremated remains at sea by airplane than by boat, as our ash scattering at sea takes only a few minutes. The family is in place for usually less than an hour. In this burial at sea service no body gets sea sick like what can happen on a boat ash scattering.
Our services are an inexpensive funeral option, with our services being about the cost of a nice urn. This makes it a great option for families who would like to give their loved one a nice memorial without an expensive funeral. It can also be done in conjunction with a full funeral, which would take place as the last step in the internment process.
Our Ash Release Southern California Service can be performed un-witnessed, witnessed, and private. The unwitnessed ash release service is performed on a day and time of our choosing. You will be notified of the intended date of the service. There will be other sets of cremated remains on board the plane, to be scattered in different areas on the same flight. The witnessed ash release service is performed on a specific day and time we agree on. We call you before we depart and arrive on location at the agreed time. We circle overhead to signal that this is us. Then we release the cremated remains in full view of those on the ground. The Private ash release service has only your loved on on board the plane. Because of this privacy we can take family and friends on board who wish to participate in the scattering. Please leave a comment or call us if you have any questions. (562)201-4732 or (800)407-6401.



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