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Hello everyone, welcome to the unique totally free funeral cost-saving advice website

The UK’S one-stop free independent cost-saving funeral advice centre. The website will provide you with clear contact information on how to book and save around 60% on many high street undertakers by simply using a low-cost undertaker listed on the website. Most people are totally unaware of low-cost undertakers.

The website will give you clear, contact details listed in Step 1 of how to book a low-cost undertaker throughout the UK. Simply follow Steps 1 – 5 clearly listed to make additional large cost savings.

There are clear easy details on how to organise and save costs; such as saving large funeral costs with low-cost undertakers. Other cost-saving options, such as booking someone for the service and organising the reception. Clearly explaining home burials, natural woodland or field burials. Purchasing a coffin to decorate or simply save money. All essential services and suppliers are clearly listed for easy contact.

The website also has contact details for free funeral advice from the following established organisations.

Down to Earth, run by Quaker Social Action.
Marie Curie.
The Bereavement Advice Centre.

Between them, they offer free, helpful advice on how to pay a funeral bill if you are having trouble finding the monies, tax issues, bereavement and terminal illness support.

Research a few years ago found that 1 in 5 UK families have trouble financing a funeral. The save funeral costs website is written from personal experience of having to arrange various family funerals.

There are at present various advertisements circulating on the internet stating that many UK undertakers are over-charging and encouraging you to take out a funeral plan. While the high pricing through lack of transparency and sales practices is generally correct and was highlighted in the Government’s Competition and Markets Authority report, the funeral plans these sales videos want you to take out are often not independent, and you will be tied to that companies funeral plan products.

If you wish to take out a funeral plan, then the website has contact details of an independent funeral plan provider recommended by the popular consumer group Which magazine. Around 20% of funerals in the UK are now paid for in advance with a funeral plan. This funeral plan provider has access to over 90 different funeral plans. Importantly unlike some other funeral plan companies, your money is completely protected.

For most people organising a funeral can often be a bit of a daunting thought, and often paying for the funeral can lead too many worrying if they are able to afford ever-increasing costs.

The website can also offer advice on cost-saving for people wishing to use their chosen undertaker that their family may have used in the past.

Save Funeral Costs is also available as an ebook or paperback with can be purchased throughout the website. This guidebook is deliberately kept short and is written in the same very clear step by step language as the website.



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