DIY: Temporary fix for hole on the roof


All the tools & products I used for the repair I bought at Home Depot. I cut out the existing shingles in the area around the hole. I then covered the hole with three layers of sheet metal. I glued on the sheet metal with a product called Wet-R-Dri roof cement & it stops roof leaks. I then put down the new shingles over the sheet metal covering the entire section that I cut out. I used the roof cement to glue down the shingles then hammered it down with roofing nails. Sorry I didn’t show how I nailed down the shingles, I forgot to put that part on video. I did the repair on March 28, 2015 and it is still holding up strong. It has rained since, even had a storm and there are no leaks. The estimate I got from a licensed roofer was over $2000, that is expensive for me, so I decided to repair it myself. I spent a total of $100 this includes the tools I used, the roof cement, sheet metal, a big package of shingles, a bag of chips and a diet coke. 🙂 Thanks for watching.



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