[Full] Day In The Life Of a Residential Service Plumber (Vol. 1) | + Truck Set-up #plumbingvlog


Intro: 00:00
1st Job: 3:12
2nd Job: 16:46
Lunch + Trip to Shop: 40:34
3rd Job: 49:47
4th Job: 1:08:25
5th Job: 1:35:58
Truck Set-up: 1:40:36

Thanks for all the support and feedback you all had given me. The purpose of this video was primarily present a project to my apprenticeship class. With the instructor’s approval and my company’s as well. I was able to make this video about what I really do in the daily life as a residential service plumber. I went through job to job to help with the customer’s plumbing in their homes. This video was made around the time of the fall and winter season of 2020. I went through some challenging obstacles, but for the most part I was able to help them. I even went far and beyond at one point to change something for the customer that I was not there for. At the end, I showed my truck set-up for the company I was working for and the vehicle provided with my essential tools and plumbing utensils. With the help of many and support, I was not able to continue forward without you guys. I cannot thank you guys enough to the point where it is getting provocative. I have done the majority of the filming and the editing was done all by myself. If you have any questions, you can definitely leave it at the comments below and I will be more than happy to reply when I get around to it.

Since this video will not be monetized, I will not show credit to the rightful owners to the songs. This was primarily a showcase of my daily life as a plumber.

This company (M.E. Flow) is the company I work for. I am currently an employee at this time. I would really like to thank my manager again to allow this to happen. Without him, this wouldn’t even be possible.

Do not ask me for my social accounts, I am not really active in those.

And no… I will not make another one. This was too much time consuming to make. My career takes most of my time anyways.

Again, Thank you all so much for everything.

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