How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Roof?


In this Video, we’re going to go over how much does it cost to replace a roof!
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RoofCrafters have been in business since 2008 and we currently service South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. We have serviced thousands of roofs over the years and we do all types of roofing, commercial, residential. There’s not a roofing system out there that we cannot do.

Often we get calls and we have people saying, well, how much does it cost to replace the roof? And so our fair answer to that question would be without actually coming out and doing a physical inspection of the property, we couldn’t answer that and in this video, we tell you why.

Number one, we would need to know what type of house style it is. We would need to know how steep the roof is.

If the roof is steep, of course, we need more money to do the roof because it’s going to be much slower than if it was a lower slope roof section.

The type of materials is a huge factor. Whether you’re using asphalt-based shingles, if you’re doing a metal roof, if you’re doing a synthetic slate or wood shake, maybe you want to do lead or copper.

There are so many different roof styles. You know, if you went from the most economical, which is the asphalt shingles to something like a letter or a copper, which is probably the most expensive, in the United States right now.

Watch the video to learn the low to high to average costs.

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