My Dream Chicken Coop! Rain-capture Watering, Automatic Door, Deep Litter, and LOTS of ventilation!


Hey Y’all!
David and I FINALLY finished our chicken coop and we were super excited to share it with y’all! If you have any questions about things that we covered or forgot to cover…ahem…the chicken run haha! We will try our best to answer!

Our coop was HIGHLY inspired by the Cottonwood Shanty Coop:


My super cute coop ‘boots’:

Caroline Coops Industrial Hemp Bedding:

Rent-A-Coop Watering Cups:

Rent-A-Coop Traedle Feeder:

Chicken Guard Automatic Door – Premium:

LED Lanters for the front of the coop:

Lantern Hooks:

Hobby Lobby Rooster:

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