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Rooftec Ltd offers a broad portfolio of specialist roofing services.
We offer a design and build service to any customers who wish us to work with external architects and consultants directly.

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Roofing services

• Renewal of Metal or Asbestos Roofs
Rooftec removes old roof coverings and renews them using insulated composite panels, built up systems and standing seam or secret fix systems.

• Overcladding and over roofing
Providing an economical and fast way of upgrading insulation and aesthetic values, Rooftec installs these lightweight systems over metal or asbestos roofs.

• Specialist roof coatings
From top end polyurethanes to decorative coatings Rooftec can install coatings to meet our client’s requirements such as flame free installation or improving building environments.

• Roof light replacement
From corrugated panels, triple glazed polycarbonate and special barrel vaults, to sun pipes or bespoke configurations, Rooftec installs roof lights on all types of roof coverings and decks.

• Removal of asbestos bonded sheets
Rooftec can take responsibility for the safe removal, handling, transportation and disposal of bonded asbestos roof sheets.

• Patios, balconies and walkways
Rooftec can install various rapid cure anti slip systems using modern resins and polyurethanes.

• Horizontal and vertical cladding
Rooftec provides a wide range of facade cladding systems for aesthetic and building envelope requirements.

• Flat felt and single ply systems
Rooftec provides a range of high quality renewal or overlay systems, incorporating insulation and cut-to-fall systems.

• Roof safety systems
Rooftec provides a range of roof access safety systems, including: free standing handrails, walkway matting, fall arrests and restraint harness lines.

• Solar panel installation
We are able to provide installation of roof-based renewable energy systems such as solar and photovoltaic panels.

• Glazing systems
From patent glazing to ornate north lights, Everlast installs a wide range of glazing types and systems.

• Gutters and rain water drainage
Rooftec is able to provide services relating to gutters, rainwater systems and liners, including: EPDM gutter liner systems, coated aluminium systems, insulated valley and boundary wall systems, polyurethane coating to asphalt, metal gutters and syphonic systems.

• Associated building and construction services
Our sister company Everlast Construction Solutions offers a focused and professional approach to building and dilapidation contracts.

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