SealVax cordless reusable MINI VACUUM SEALER review, eco-friendly, small and mighty, keep food fresh


With pandemic and cooking for myself full time, I’ve become incredibly domestic and well, I’ve gotten to the point of getting myself a reusable, eco0-friendly portable vacuum sealer from SealVax that got their start on Kickstarter! Did I like it? Watch and find out!

UPDATE sept 2021: Noticing some of my bags not keeping as tight of a seal over time. I’m not sure what’s going on, maybe it’s not good at keeping certain odd items tight in there but I’m going to keep observing and take note. Maybe I’m not sealing it right, maybe the bags aren’t that great, 2 bags of coffee that’s been in my freezer for a while is keeping a good seal (visibly) so far.

I spoke to SealVax about it and the bag I had issues with in the video that I returned to them had a manufacturing defect, they only described it as “chips on the side of the bag” but I’m not sure what that means.

They also informed me the bag should keep a vacuum for months, though vacuum capacity depends on type of food + environment they’re stored in. Also: “Our bags, naturally cannot be compared to a disposable vacuum seal bag in terms of vacuum capability. However we believe the difference is barely noticeable ( for example we tested our vacuumed bag would drop 2.4 PSI in 3 weeks under room temp, while a disposable vacuum sealed vacuum bag would only drop 1.8), and that our reusable feature offers more benefits than “stronger vacuum”. With that said, one of the things you can do with Sealvax is you can easily re-vacuum your food when you feel like there’s a need.”

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5:18 Sold bundles Amazon
5:31 How it works
6:45 Long term durability
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8:26 Coffee vacuum sealer
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