Why I Don't Follow Dave Ramsey Anymore


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Why I Don’t Follow Dave Ramsey Anymore
Today I’m sharing why I don’t follow Dave Ramsey anymore….
I learned about Dave Ramsey about 5 years ago, it was actually an old mentor of mine that introduced me to him, she was moving and gave me her workbook and DVD series from YEARS prior.
At this time I was living paycheck to paycheck, most months I was in the red but I didn’t know how in the red I was because I wasn’t tracking my spending. My student loans were in default and I was just a mess financially. Most of my friends were doing really fun things, going out to eat a lot, camping, and Disney trips. I was embarrassed and tried to live that same lifestyle.
When I found Dave Ramsey, I went HARD. 100% all-in. He is the one that taught me how to budget, how to pay off debt and get right with my money.
Now that I am debt free I’ve learned how to manage our money and I’ve also learned other forms of budgeting and ways to build wealth.
Am I at the point of saying Cancel Dave Ramsey? We shall find out!
I followed Dave Ramsey for several years, I’ve been to his studio, I’ve met him twice but today we are talking about why I don’t follow Dave Ramsey anymore!

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